Merchant Solutions

Why DGA Merchant Solutions?

Many companies never see their first full year of business because of the frustration of customers who want to use their preferred way to pay. We have relationships with the leading providers domestically and internationally to give you the right merchant solution that best fits your business needs and your customers needs.

We provide a host of products and services with customized credit, debit, check, and gift card processing solutions that are tailored for the specific business needs of your company. With DGA, you are provided innovative processing solutions and the appropriate solution to help you give you your customers a seamless process when buying your products or services.

Data Security

As people concern themselves more with identity theft and fraudulent activity, alternative payments are becoming increasingly vital. That is most likely why more people use the Internet to investigate products rather than buy them. D. Golden & Associates offers solutions that allow customers to keep their data private, while businesses increase revenue and process transactions quickly.

Enable any Website with custom or ready-made shopping carts

E-commerce is increasingly essential, and many need sales data integrated with existing business tools. Secure transactions can help companies prevent fraud and enable the accepting of gift cards, partial payments, and foreign currencies. Whether you need to customize a solution or need technical support, DGA gets your payment processing up and running.

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